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 UAC - It's Not The Boxing Day Targa Rally 2017 Results

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PostSubject: UAC - It's Not The Boxing Day Targa Rally 2017 Results   Tue Jan 02, 2018 7:58 pm

Top 12 overall
1 Sam Wilson Simon/Brewster Austin Mini19:33 
2 Damien Mooney/Connor Nevin Citroën Saxo 19:33 
3 Robert Woodside/Steven Dowds Toyota MR2 19:34 
4 Robert Whelan/John Whelan Toyota Starlet 19:47 
5 Mark King/Grace Campbell Mazda MX-5 19:59 
6 Stephen Ferguson/Milton McWilliams Peugoet 106 20:05 
7 Paul Mooney/Lorraine McMorrow Vauxhall Nova 20:08 
8 Eamonn Byrne/Anthony Preston Toyota Starlet 20:10 
9 David Crothers/Barbara Kane Mazda MX-5 20:17 
10 Peter Caldwell/Rory McPolin Mazda MX-5 20:19 
11 Mark Stewart/Michael Salt Mazda MX-5 20:22 
12 Kevin Daly/Mark Maxwell Hyundai Accent 20:31

Class winners
CL1: Damien Mooney/Connor Nevin
CL2: Robert Woodside/Steven Dowds
CL3: Robert Whelan/John Whelan
CL4: Mark King/Grace Campbell
CL5: Kevin Daly/Mark Maxwell Hyundai
CL6: Conor Shaw/Kieran Shaw Mazda MX-5 20:33

Full results available on HERE

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UAC - It's Not The Boxing Day Targa Rally 2017 Results
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