Forum to discuss and share information for Targa Rallies, Multivenue Autotests, Endurance Trials and Autosolos
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 Welcome to Targas and Trials Info Page

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PostSubject: Welcome to Targas and Trials Info Page   Wed Dec 30, 2015 3:55 pm

Welcome to the Targa and Trials Info Page. Hopefully we can share news and details of various Targa, Endurance Trials, Autosolos and Multivenue Autotests here. If you need help or advice on something, be it mechanical or technical, make sure and ask the question, someone should be able to point you in the right direction.

Just a couple of rules

1. No petty arguments

2. No personal insults

3. Don't post in CAPITALS

4. Try to keep images sizes to a max of 800 pixels wide

5. Do not set up multiple accounts

6. Do not spam threads

7. Do not post any offensive, inappropriate or pornographic material

8. Do not use multiple smilies in a post

Anyone found to be breaking any of the rules or being a general nuisance will have their account deleted and their IP address will be banned.

Members can only send Private Messages (PMs) once they have posted 5 meaningful posts to the forum......posting smilies only as replies will deactivate your ability to send PMs

Currently all parts of the forum are viewable by members and non members, in a couple of weeks we will make certain parts viewable to members only in the hope more people will sign up and become active on the forum

Happy Posting
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Welcome to Targas and Trials Info Page
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