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 Targa Rankings

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PostSubject: Targa Rankings   Fri Aug 12, 2016 10:34 pm

Just a little thing I've done up for a bit of fun......not a championship and no prizes at the end of the year

Drivers Top 10

David Crothers61
Eamonn Byrne52
Christopher Evans51
Trevor Ferguson50
Allan Harryman48
Robert Woodside Jnr38
Dermot Carnegie34
Eric Patterson25
Matthew Mason24
Philip O'Reilly20
Simon Woodside20

Navigators Top 10

Kevin Fagan67
Barbara Kane61
David McElroy50
Suz Graham48
Bruce Drummond38
Joanna Lenehan34
Raymond Donaldson25
Tim Faulkner25
Peter Scott24
Andy Blair22

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Targa Rankings
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