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 Larne MC Laharna Lanes Rally Results

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Larne MC Laharna Lanes Rally Results Empty
PostSubject: Larne MC Laharna Lanes Rally Results   Larne MC Laharna Lanes Rally Results Icon_minitimeSun Oct 02, 2016 10:51 pm

1 Christopher Evans Kevin Fagan Mazda MX5 35:59
2 Ashley Lamont Geoffrey Lamont Mazda MX5 36:14
3 Eamonn Byrne Joanna Lenehan Toyota Starlet 36:14
4 Robert Woodside Bruce Drummond Mazda MX5 36:17
5 David Crothers Barbara Kane Mazda MX5 37:15
6 Frank Lenehan Derek Smyth Toyota Starlet 38:05
7 Richard McCartney Liza Haveron BMW Compact 38:23
8 Steven Cromie Kielin Webb Mazda MX5 38:38
9 Michael O'Hara David O'Hara Nissan Micra 38:45
10 Richard Meeke Alex Lyons Mazda MX5 38:52

Class Winners
C1 Eamonn Byrne/Joanna Lenehan
C2 Ashley Lamont/Geoffrey Lamont
C3 Michael O'Hara/David O'Hara
C4 Richard McCartney/Liza Haveron
C5 Malcolm McDowell/Ruth Dickson Nissan Micra 39:36
C6 Kevin McNamee/Redmond McNamee Mazda MX5 39:36

Full results available on Rally

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Larne MC Laharna Lanes Rally Results
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