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 MGCC Derek Walker Classic Trial

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PostSubject: MGCC Derek Walker Classic Trial   MGCC Derek Walker Classic Trial Icon_minitimeSun Jan 08, 2017 8:40 pm

MGCC Derek Walker Classic Trial Dwtrial2-vi

The MGCC Ulster Centre will organise a multi-venue Clubmans Driving Test and PCT event on Saturday, 4 February 2017 starting and finishing at Transport Training Services, (TTS), Nutts Corner, Co Antrim. The event is open to all members of the MG Car Club and fully elected members of ADC, BADMC, C&DMC, DMC, EMC, QUBMC, LMC, NAMC, NUCC, PMC (NI), PPMC, TDC Ireland, TSCC, UAC, UVCC to compete in this event.

The event shall consist of seven classes, as follows:
Class 1 Pre 1955 MGs & UVCC eligible vehicles
Class 2 Post 1955 MGs (MGA, MGB) and similar sports cars
Class 3 Midgets and Sprites without LSD with original type engines
Class 4 Midgets and Sprites with LSD with original type Engines
Class 5 Non original type engine MGs
Class 6 Front engine FWD, Rear Engine RWD cars in production prior to end 1979
Class 7 Front engine RWD cars in production prior to end 1979
Class 8 All other cars manufactured after 1 January 1980 (Eligible for Class Award only and also
included in the overall results)
*** Only pre-1980 cars eligible for Overall Award

Event Timetable
* Scrutineering & Signing on starts at 0800 Hours
* Signing on closes 0900
* Drivers & Officials Briefing 0915
* First car starts at 0930 SHARP!!

Entry form:
Club Website:

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Posts : 207
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PostSubject: Re: MGCC Derek Walker Classic Trial   MGCC Derek Walker Classic Trial Icon_minitimeThu Feb 02, 2017 7:25 pm

Seeded entry list

Nos Driver Club Co-Driver Club Car Year
1 Noel Cochrane MG Trevor Reid MG MG Midget
2 Mervyn Getty NUCC Raymond McFaul NUCC AH Sprite 1968
3 David Deering MG Ross Deering MG Midget 1972
4 Richard McCracken UAC Joshua Finlay PPMC AH Sprite 1958
5 Angus Johnson UAC tba AH Sprite 1959
6 Alex Lyttle MG Kendall Glenn MG MG Midget 1966
8 Jack Brien MG John Kelly UAC MG Midget Atlantis 1973
7 Matthew Bradley UVCC Terence Bradley MG MG Midget 1972
9 Mark Lemon MG Katie Lemon MG MG Midget 1973
10 Mark Brien MG Peter Brien MG Midget 1969
11 Will Corry MG Peter Moreland-Moore MG MG Midget 'K' 1969
12 Bryan Mutch MG Ken McEntee UAC MG Midget 1971
13 tba
14 Jay Colville MG Scott Hool UAC MG Midget 1972
15 Mervyn Williamson MG Marcus Morrow VW Beetle 1955
16 Robert McGimpsey TSCC Trevor McIlroy TSCC VW Beetle 1970
17 Colin Johnston UAC Anita Johnston UAC Mini 1972
18 Ian Campbell MG Cyril Campbell MG Austin Mini 1987
19 James McCurry PPMC William McCurry PPMC Austin Mini 1974
20 Brian Glenn MG James Finlay UAC Mini 1965
21 Robert Dickson PPMC Catherine Dickson PPMC Mini Cooper S 1965
22 Anthony Devine UAC William Nolan UAC Mini Cooper S 1966
23 Richard Earney MG Dave Phillips Mini Cooper S 1971
24 Sam Baird PPMC Eric Martin MG Wolseley Hornet 1963
25 Alister Browne MG Vincent Rodgers MG Mini Cooper S 1971
26 Eddie Peterson TDC Craig O'Rourke TDC Mini Cooper 1972
27 Sam Wilson PPMC Simon Brewster PPMC Mini 1979
28 Gary Milligan MG Victoria Milligan MG Mini 1982
29 Frank Lenehan TDC Tim Faulkner TDC Toyota Starlet 1987
30 Ron Mullen ADC Lynda Carroll ADC Nissan Sunny 1989
31 Harold Hassard ADC Melissa Donaldson ADC Nissan Sunny 1989
32 Neil Stewart PPMC Malcolm Stewart Vauxhall Nova 1989
33 Wallace McKee TSCC Ben McKee TSCC Mazda MX5 1990
34 Bruce Carson PPMC tba Mazda MX5 1990
35 Michael Boreland UAC Richard Deering MG Mazda MX5 1992
36 Paul Muldoon PPMC Stacey Cooke Mazda MX5 1993
37 Piers MacFeorais TDC Ian McCulloch TDC Mazda MX5 1994
38 Gavin Campbell BADMC Rosemary Campbell Mazda MX5 1995
39 Eric Patterson ADC Raymond Donaldson ADC Mazda MX5 1996
40 Conn Williamson TSCC tba TSCC BMW3 Ti 1997
41 Tony McLaughlin TSCC Clifford Auld TSCC BMW 318i
42 Darren Fleck ADC tba BMW 318Ti 2003
43 Rodney McCready UAC Neil Fletcher UAC Mazda MX5
44 David Crothers LMC Barbara Kane LMC Mazda MX5 1998
45 Matthew Simpson ADC Emma Cahoon ADC Mazda MX5 1999
46 Gerry Cavanagh EMC Padraig Murphy EMC Ford Puma 1999
47 Kevin McNamee MG Redmond McNamee MG Mazda MX5 2000
48 Andrew Earney MG Jane Earney MG Toyota Yaris 2000
49 Robert Haslett BADMC Peter Haslett Toyota Yaris 2002
50 Richard Meeke TDC Aileen Mooney TDC Mazda MX5 2002
51 Ashley Lamont ADC Geoffrey Lamont ADC Mazda MX5 2002
52 Jordan Fox MG Gary McGuire UAC Mazda MX5 2002
53 Ian McCann PPMC Stephen McClelland UAC Mazda MX5 2002
54 Crawford Ewing UAC Crawford Ewing Sen UAC Mazda MX5 2002
55 Stephen Briggs TDC Zoe Briggs TDC Mazda MX5 2003
56 Jonathan Millar LMC John Millar LMC Citroen C2 2004
57 Derek Harrison ADC Sasha Stewart ADC Toyota MR 2 2004
58 Jimmy Dougan Alan Orwin Micra
59 Nadene McAllister UAC Jonathan MacDonald UAC Renault Clio

From the COC
This year the DWT will be using TTS at NuttsCorner as its base of operations, we will be using the surround areas for tests in the morning which includes TTS, UGP paddock at Dundrod, part of the old Airfield at NuttsCorner and a disused Oval track!!
After tea in the afternoon we are heading the other side of Antrim for something very special..

Mr Admin MGCC Derek Walker Classic Trial 37574234
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MGCC Derek Walker Classic Trial
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