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 TDC Test Trial - April 9th

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PostSubject: TDC Test Trial - April 9th   Fri Feb 24, 2017 9:25 pm

The trials Drivers Club are organising a test trial on April 9th at the Holfeld Plastics complex at Avoca Retail Park. The event will be run similar to a multi venue autotest but all tests will be located on the one site therefore no need for IRDS insurance or to have cars taxed and NCT'd but cars will have to be in a roadworthy and presentable condition. There will be 6 tests to be negotiated a number of times during the day on a mix of tarmac, concrete and smooth gravel.

With the change from Autosolo to Test Trial/Autotest it now allows passengers to be carried in the competing passenger per car, all passengers must be signed on and pay the required insurance cover.

One day event licences will not be available for this event

More details will be available when regs are released

Event timetable
Sign on: from 8:30am on
Briefing: 9:45am
Start: 10:00am

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PostSubject: Re: TDC Test Trial - April 9th   Thu Mar 09, 2017 7:17 pm

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PostSubject: Re: TDC Test Trial - April 9th   Fri Mar 24, 2017 9:41 pm

Entries received up to 27/03/17

1. James Mansfield
2. Mick Kehoe
3. Richard Meeke
4. David Meeke
5. Philip O'Reilly
6. Danny O'Donohoe
7. Brian Duggan
8. Philip O'Reilly
9. Mark Walsh
10. Matthew Walsh
11. Owen Murray
12. Judy Lambert
13. Brian Kingston
14. Stephen Briggs
15. Zoe Briggs
16. Susan Briggs
17. Frank Lenehan
18. Eamonn Byrne
19. Liam Cashman
20. Dave O'Neill
21. Ken Fleming
22. Christopher Evans
23. John McAssey
24. Dermot Carnegie
25. Declan Furlong
26. Joe Doran
27. Mark Doran
28. Dave McAulay
29. Craig MacWilliam
30. John Nolan
31. Aoife Ryan
32. Finbar O'Neill
33. Luke O'Neill
34. Paddy Lombard
35. Angus Johnson
36. Damien Doran
37. Karl Grehan
38. John Whelan
39. Colin Sheridan
40. Alan Auerbach
41. John Maher
42. Andrew Boland
43. Jack Quinn
44. Andrew O'Donohoe
45. Pat Maguire
46. Martin Nugent
47. Mark Nugent
48. Liam Cashman
49. Ian White
50. David Campion
51. Conal O'Neill
52. Maurice MacMonagle
53. James Driver
54. John O'Reilly
55. John Carty
56. Alan Shinnors

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PostSubject: Re: TDC Test Trial - April 9th   Thu Apr 06, 2017 11:07 pm

TDC Holfeld’s Test Trial Final Instructions

Many thanks for your entry to TDC’s Holfeld’s Test Trial.
Please arrive as early as possible for sign-on. Your compliance would be greatly appreciated. No sign-on after drivers briefing at 0945. Sign-on opens at 0830.
The format for the event is as follows:

• 5 Tests completed 4 times.
• 1 Minute interval starts.
• Please go straight to your relevant starting test after drivers briefing. All drivers will be assigned a starting group.
• Countdown Start. Marshals will count you down to start. No hanging around in the queues.
• Marshals will be on hand to help with parking.
Before Event Start:
• Walking the tests is allowed up to drivers briefing. To facilitate with the length of the tests, cars are allowed drive and learn at NON-COMPETITIVE PACE. Any driver caught learning the tests at a speed deemed competitive by any marshal will receive penalties which at minimum will be a Fail and may include disqualification.
• This year we’re are using magnetic car numbers. These are to facilitate double drivers in only having 1 number on the car during a test. These numbers are costly to produce and we require them back with your final timecard. We require a €10 deposit for your car numbers, you’ll be reimbursed when the numbers are returned. Please bring exact change for this deposit.
Event Start:
• Please queue in running order to start with. Once underway, it’s up to you to keep moving. Please keep a move on during the day. If you are slow you will hold everyone up at the end of day waiting for results.
• Please allow double drivers to skip the queue, within reason. If at all possible, try to facilitate them.
• Any and all obstacles are a 5 second penalty if touched.
• ALL FINISH LINES are stop astride. Front 2 wheels Stop and then pull up to marshal.
• The non-competitive sections are to be driven at low speed, absolutely no messing.
• Please put your car numbers on your drivers/passenger doors. For double drivers, only 1 number on the car. If there are 2 numbers, both drivers will receive the line/pylon/fail.
• For beginners, please ensure that you are familiar with your test before you start. Arrows have been put in place, but tests will still require learning
• Seat belts to be worn at all times. Also, please keep your windows rolled up.
• All tests are visible at all times by the marshals; they can see you, even if you can’t see them. Obey any instructions or flags given by the marshals, they are there for your safety.
• There will be a 45 min lunch halt at 1300. This is mainly for the marshals to get a break. There will be a burger van on site for lunch and breakfast from 0830. Breakfast rolls etc. available.
Event Finish:
• Please hand in your completed time-cards and car numbers as soon as you possibly can. Results for this event can be timely if competitors fail to do this. Marshals may ask you for completed timecards.

This event is tasking on marshals, please comply gracefully with instructions. Thank you and enjoy it!

Mr Admin
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PostSubject: Re: TDC Test Trial - April 9th   Sat Apr 08, 2017 5:41 pm

Grouped Entry List

No. Name Car Class Group
1 Eamonn Byrne Starlet 2 A
2 Liam Cashman Starlet 2 A
3 Andrew O'Donohoe Mini 1 A
4 Frank Lenehan Starlet 2 A
5 Damien Doran Starlet 1 A
6 John Nolan Starlet 1 A
7 Aoife Ryan Starlet 1 A
8 David Meeke Starlet 1 A
9 Richard Meeke MX5 3 A
10 Philip O'Reilly Starlet 1 A
11 John McAssey Starlet 1 A

12 Christopher Evans Escort 3 B
14 John O'Reilly MX5 3 B
15 Piers Mac Fheorais MX5 3 B
16 Joe Doran MX5 3 B
17 Mark Doran Escort 4 B
18 Craig MacWilliam MX5 3 B
19 Andrew Boland MX5 3 B
20 Owen Murray Starlet 1 B
21 Judy Lambert Starlet 1 B
22 Dave O'Neill Starlet 2 B
23 Ken Fleming Starlet 2 B

24 Mark Walsh Escort 4 C
25 Matthew Walsh MGB GT 4 C
26 Danny O'Donohoe Escort 4 C
27 Stephen Briggs MX5 3 C
28 Zoe Briggs MX5 3 C
29 Susan Briggs Starlet 1 C
30 Martin Nugent Escort 4 C
31 Mark Nugent Starlet 1 C
32 James Driver Starlet 1 C
33 John Carty Starlet 4 C

34 Alan Auerbach Starlet 2 D
35 Brian Kingston Ignis 2 D
36 Mick Kehoe Peugeot 206 2 D
37 Jack Quinn Peugeot 106 1 D
38 Dave McAulay Starlet 1 D
39 Maurice MacMonagle Starlet 1 D
40 Colin Sheridan Starlet 1 D
41 Paddy Lombard Starlet 1 D
42 Declan Furlong Starlet 1 D
43 James Mansfield Mini 1 D

44 Brian Duggan Starlet 1 E
45 Alan Shinnors Starlet 1 E
46 Ian White Mini 1 E
47 Finbar O'Neill Starlet 1 E
48 Luke O'Neill Starlet 1 E
49 Karl Grehan Starlet 1 E
50 John Maher Starlet 1 E
51 Pat Maguire Starlet 1 E
52 David Campion Starlet 1 E
53 Conal O'Neill Starlet 1 E
54 Angus Johnson Starlet 1 E

Mr Admin
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PostSubject: Re: TDC Test Trial - April 9th   

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TDC Test Trial - April 9th
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