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 Cookstown MC Slate Fuels Targa Rally

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PostSubject: Cookstown MC Slate Fuels Targa Rally   Mon Apr 03, 2017 9:37 pm

Cookstown Motor Club Ltd will organise a Clubman permit Targa Rally on Saturday 29th April 2017, based at The Shepherd’s Rest, 220 Sixtowns Road, Draperstown, Magherafelt, BT45 7BH.

The event is open to all fully elected members of the organising club, Cookstown Motor Club Ltd. All competitors must produce a valid CMC membership card. Membership for CMC is £10 per calendar year, and membership cards will be available at signing on. A competition licence is not required.

The programme of the meeting will be:
a) Scrutineering and signing on starts at 08:00 at The Shepherd’s Rest.
Competitors will be notified of scrutineering time and venue in Final Instructions.
b) Any competitor not signed on by 09:45 may be excluded.
This will enable entrants on the Reserve List to be offered the chance to take part.
c) Competitors brief will be at 10:00.
d) First car to start at 10:30.
e) Cars will start at one minute intervals

The entry list opens on receipt of these regulations and closes finally on 22nd April 2017. The entry fee is £75.00. All entries must be made on the official entry form and accompanied by the appropriate fee. Cheques should be made payable to Cookstown Motor Club Ltd.
The organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry

Max number of starters will be 80 cars


Online entry:

Club website:

Mr Admin
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PostSubject: Re: Cookstown MC Slate Fuels Targa Rally   Mon Apr 10, 2017 6:50 pm

Entries received to date


  • Berry McGaffin Norma Glover Mazda MX5 6
  • Philip Hunter Ronnie Hunter Mazda MX5 6
  • John O' Reilly Nick Sparks Mazda MX-5 2
  • Christopher Evans Kevin Fagan Tba Tba 2
  • Liam Shaw Jb Shaw Mazda MX5 4
  • Charlie Conway Noel Conway Mazda MX5 6
  • Davy Young Tbc Tbc Mini Cooper 3
  • Philip McCrea Louise McCrea Ford Puma 5
  • Neil Fletcher Ashley Boulton Nissan Micra Wrc 3
  • Michael Duke Claudette Hollywood Mazda MX5 2
  • Colin Telford Rachel Telford Nissan Micra 5
  • Mark Gillis Alan Gillis Ford Puma 3
  • Dermot Carnegie Mark Fitzsimon Ford Escort Rs 2000 2
  • Richard Nesbitt Alyson Nesbitt Mazda MX5 6
  • David Stewart Colin Nicholl Mazda MX5 6
  • Nigel Hegan Anthony Mitchell Peugeot 206 5
  • Eamonn Byrne Derek Smyth Toyota Starlet 1
  • Frank Lenehan Tim Faulkner Toyota Starlet 1
  • Gilmore Magee Ernest Magee Mazda MX5 4
  • Kyle Adair Francis Adair Mazda MX5 4
  • Mark Stewart Chris Hobson Mazda MX5 4
  • Mark Thompson Kyle Thompson Mazda MX5 6
  • Andrew Harkness Rodney Gourley Citroen Saxo 3
  • Darren Fleck Gary Wilson Bmw 318ti 4
  • Matthew Mason Tbc Tbc Nissan Micra 1
  • Angus Johnson Tba Tba Mazda MX5 6
  • Rodney McCready Shiralee McCready Mazda MX5 6
  • Robin Pitts Neil Warnock Toyota MR2 6
  • Harry Barr Malcolm McQueen Mazda MX5 6
  • Malcolm McDowell Ruth Dickson Nissan Micra 3
  • Eric Patterson Raymond Donaldson Mazda MX5 2
  • Colin Hazelton David White Mazda MX5 6
  • Peter Faulkner Anne Smyth Mazda MX5 4
  • Adam Crawford Stephen Armstrong Renault Megan 5
  • Leslie McLean Andrew Emerson Mazda MX5 6
  • Stuart Anesley Stephen Jess Mazda MX5 4
  • Niall McKenna Declan McKeown Toyota MR2 6
  • Eric McIvor Suzanne McIvor Mazda MX5 6
  • Taylor Gribbon Craig McNamara Nissan Micra 5
  • Martin Loughran Brendan Loughran Mazda MX5 6
  • Mark McKeown Ivan McKeown Opel Kadett 4
  • Damien Quinn Kieran Quinn Mazda MX5 6
  • Hayes Robinson Keith Hall Citroën C2 3
  • Chris Nelson Nelson Stephen McCombe Mazda MX5 6
  • Michael Faloon Stephen Hayden Mazda MX5 1800 6
  • Steve Cromie Chris Henry Mazda MX5 4
  • Douglas Reid William Reid Mazda MX5 4
  • Kevin McNamee Redmond McNamee Mazda MX5 4
  • Simon Woodside Steven Dowds Mazda MX5 2
  • Trevor Ferguson David McElroy Mazda MX5 2
  • Matthew Hamill Gregory Hamill Mazda MX5 6
  • Jonathan McKee Ivan McKee Nissan Micra 5
  • Mark Francis Gillian Haydon Mazda MX5 6
  • Jordan Burns Norman Burns Ford Fiesta 5
  • Ivan Kelly Chris Campbell BMW Z3 6
  • Robert Woodside Gary Woodside Ford Escort 2
  • Mark Woodside Andy Blair Mazda MX5 2
  • Norman Ferguson Jason Dobbin Peugeot 106 Gti 1
  • Darwyn Young Stephen Griffiths Ford Puma 3
  • Jonathan Henderson John Henderson Nissan Micra 3
  • John Kelly Anna Kelly Mazda MX5 4
  • Allan Harryman Suz Graham Toyota MR2 2
  • Piers Mac Fheorais Ian McCulloch Mazda MX5 2
  • Stephen Ferguson Milton McWilliams Peugeot 106 Gti 1
  • Harry Johnston Hannah Johnston Citroen C2 5
  • Darragh O'Neill Stephen Connolly Ford Fiesta 5
  • Eoin Longworth Patrick O'Leary Toyota Starlet 5
  • Conor Shaw Kieran Shaw Renault Clio 5
  • David Tener Thomas Tener Nissan Micra 5
  • Christy Cush Adam Cush Mazda MX5 6
  • Peter Caldwell David Lilburn Mazda MX5 6
  • Arthur McMullan Adam McMullan Ford Anglia 4
  • Ryan McIvor Keith McIvor Mazda MX5 6
  • Paul Williamson Conor Kennedy Mazda MX5 4 
  • Fergus Mallon Chris Mallon Mazda MX5 4 
  • Jimmy McSherry Ryan McSherry Citroen C2 Loeb 5 
  • John O'Kane Ash Boulton Mazda MX5 4 
  • Ryan Glasgow Craig Glasgow Ford Ka 5 
  • Gillian Coughlan Colin Keegan Mitsubishi Colt 5 
  • Donal McMullan  tbc Mazda MX5 6


  • David Crothers Barbara Kane Mazda MX5 2
  • Anthony McGuckin Mary O'Kane Mazda MX5 6
  • Donnan Cleary Sean Cleary Mazda MX5 6
  • Craig McCullough tbc Peugeot 205 3

*Taken from

Mr Admin
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PostSubject: Re: Cookstown MC Slate Fuels Targa Rally   Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:07 pm

Seeded Entry List

1Christopher EvansKevin Fagan2 
2Eric PattersonRaymond Donaldson2Mazda MX5
3Matthew Mason 1Nissan Micra
4Allan HarrymanSuz Graham2Toyota MR2
5Stephen FergusonMilton McWilliams1Peugeot 106 Gti
6Simon WoodsideSteven Dowds2Mazda MX5
7Trevor FergusonDavid McElroy2Mazda MX5
8Mark WoodsideAndy Blair2Mazda MX5
9Piers MacFheoraisIan McCulloch2Mazda MX5
10Dermot CarnegieMark Fitzsimon2Ford Escort RS 2000
11Frank LenehanTim Faulkner1Toyota Starlet
12Eamonn ByrneDerek Smyth1Toyota Starlet
14Michael DukeClaudette Hollywood2Mazda MX5
15Robert WoodsideGary Woodside2Ford Escort
16John O' ReillyNick Sparks2Mazda MX5
17Norman FergusonJason Dobbin1Peugeot 106 Gti
18Steve CromieChris Henry2Mazda MX5
19Mark StewartChris Hobson4Mazda MX5
20Stuart AnesleyStephen Jess4Mazda MX5
22John O'KaneAsh Boulton4Mazda MX5
24Mark McKeownIvan McKeown4Opel Kadett
25Darwyn YoungStephen Griffiths3Ford Puma
26Kevin McNameeRedmond McNamee4Mazda MX5
27Davy Young 3Mini Cooper
28Gilmore MageeErnest Magee4Mazda MX5
29Andrew HarknessRodney Gourley3Citroen Saxo
30Peter FaulknerAnne Smyth4Mazda MX5
31Darren FleckGary Wilson4Bmw 318ti
32Douglas ReidWilliam Reid4Mazda MX5
33Fergus MallonChris Mallon4Mazda MX5
34Arthur McMullanAdam McMullan4Ford Anglia
35Kyle AdairFrancis Adair4Mazda MX5
36John KellyAnna Kelly4Mazda MX5
37Peter CaldwellDavid Lilburn4Mazda MX5
38Jonathan HendersonJohn Henderson3Nissan Micra
39Paul WilliamsonConor Kennedy4Mazda MX5
40Mark GillisAlan Gillis3Ford Puma
41Malcolm McDowellRuth Dickson3Nissan Micra
42Hayes RobinsonKeith Hall3Citroën C2
43Mark FrancisGillian Haydon6Mazda MX5
44Niall McKennaDeclan McKeown6Toyota MR2
45Colin HazeltonDavid White6Mazda MX5
46Ivan KellyChris Campbell6Bmw Z3
47Harry BarrMalcolm McQueen6Mazda MX5
48Robin PittsNeil Warnock6Toyota MR2
49Angus Johnson 6Mazda MX5
50Martin LoughranBrendan Loughran6Mazda MX5
51Christy CushAdam Cush6Mazda MX5
52David StewartColin Nicholl6Mazda MX5
53Berry McGaffinNorma Glover6Mazda MX5
54Richard Nesbitt  Alyson Nesbitt6Mazda MX5
55Philip Hunter Ronnie Hunter 6Mazda MX5
56Chris Nelson Stephen McCombe 6Mazda MX5
57Philip McCreaLouise McCrea 5Ford Puma
58Jordan BurnsNorman Burns 5Ford Fiesta
59Darragh O'NeillStephen Connolly 5Ford Fiesta
60Nigel HeganAnthony Mitchell5Peugeot 206
61Charlie ConwayNoel Conway6Mazda MX5
62Jimmy McSherryRyan McSherry5Citroen C2 Loeb
63Ryan GlasgowCraig Glasgow5Ford KA
64Colin TelfordRachel Telford5Nissan Micra
66Mark ThompsonKyle Thompson6Mazda MX5
67Rodney McCreadyShiralee McCready6Mazda MX5
68Leslie McLean Andrew Emerson6Mazda MX5
69Damien Quinn Kieran Quinn6Mazda MX5
70Michael FaloonStephen Hayden6Mazda MX5
71Matthew HamillGregory Hamill6Mazda MX5
72Ryan McIvorKeith McIvor6Mazda MX5
73Donal McMullan 6Mazda MX5
74Adam CrawfordStephen Armstrong5Renault Megane
75Taylor GribbonCraig McNamara5Nissan Micra
76Jonathan McKeeIvan McKee5Nissan Micra
77Harry JohnstonHannah Johnston5Citroen C2
78Conor ShawKieran Shaw5Renault Clio
79David TenerThomas Tener5Nissan Micra
80Eoin LongworthPatrick O'Leary5Toyota Starlet
81Gillian CoughlanColin Keegan5Mitsubishi Colt
82Laura FletcherNeil Fletcher5Nissan Micra 
83Donnan ClearySean Cleary6Mazda MX5
84David CrothersBarbara Kane2Mazda MX5

*maybe subject to change

Mr Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Cookstown MC Slate Fuels Targa Rally   Thu Apr 27, 2017 7:07 pm

Mr Admin
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PostSubject: Re: Cookstown MC Slate Fuels Targa Rally   

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Cookstown MC Slate Fuels Targa Rally
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