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 Rathfriland MC Targa Rally 2017

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PostSubject: Rathfriland MC Targa Rally 2017   Tue Jul 18, 2017 7:52 pm

Rathfriland MC are organising a Clubman Targa Rally on August 12th. the event will start from Poyntzpass Primary School and cover a number of tests locally including tests in Scarvagh estate.

The organisers will supply details of the route for the event. The event will contain navigation sections on the public road timed to an accuracy of one minute. Navigation will be of a simple nature, using a road book with tulip diagrams and diagrams of Special Tests. All competitors will receive the same route and navigation information. 

The programme for the meeting will be: 
Vehicle Scrutiny: Scrutiny will be held at Poyntzpass Primary School from 08:00hrs to 09:30hrs on Saturday 12th August. Competitors will be notified of scrutineering time and venue details in Final Instructions No.1. 
Documentation: Documentation will take place in Trainor’s Garage Poyntzpass from 08:00hrs to 10:00hrs on Saturday 12th August. Any competitor not signed on by 10:00hrs will not be permitted to start. 
Start Times: Cars will start at one minute intervals. The first car will leave the start no later than 10:31hrs on Saturday 12th August. 

Start: Poyntzpass Primary School 
Finish: Poyntzpass Primary School. 
Prize giving: Rice’s Hotel Poyntzpass


Online Entry:

Club website:

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PostSubject: Re: Rathfriland MC Targa Rally 2017   Tue Jul 18, 2017 7:53 pm

Entries received to date:

1Jimmy McSherryRyan McSherry5Citroen C2 LOEB
2Craig McCulloughTBA3Peugeot 205
3Robert Haslett TBA3Toyota Yaris
4Donnan Cleary Sean Cleary6Mazda MX5
5Steven Cromie Kielin Webb2Mazda MX5
6Kyle AdairFrancis Adair4Mazda MX5
7Gavin CampbellRosemary Campbell4Mazda MX5
8Robert WhelanJohn Whelan3Toyota Starlet
9Declan FurlongDerek Beglan5Toyota Starlet
10Matthew MasonTBA1Nissan Micra
11Christopher EvansKevin Fagan2Mazda MX5
12Peter FaulknerAnne Smyth2Mazda MX5
13Michael DukeClaudette Hollywood 2Mazda MX5
14Mark StewartChris Hobson4Mazda MX5
15John O' ReillyNick Sparks2Mazda MX5
16Peter CaldwellJack Martin4Mazda MX5
17Mark WalshLinda Dempsey4Ford Escort
18Gilmore MageeMervyn Gregg4Mazda MX5
19Paul MooneyLorraine McMorrow1Vauxhal Nova
20Damien MooneyTony Anderson1Citroen Saxo
21Norman FergusonChristpher Dobhin1Peugeot 106
22Arthur McMullanAdam McMullan4Ford Anglia
23John NolanConor Nolan3Toyota Starlet
24Stephen FergusonTBA1Peugeot 106
25Trevor FalloonTBA6Mazda MX5
26Eamonn ByrneJoanna Lenehan1Toyota Starlet
27Trevor FergusonTBA2Mazda MX5
28David BurnsConor Murphy3Ford Fiesta
29Frank LenehanTim Faulkner1Toyota Starlet
30Damien QuinnKieran Quinn6Toyota MR2
31Kenny AndersonPeter Anderson3Renault Clio
32Darragh O'NeillPaddy McAleer5Ford Fiesta
33Mark FrancisGillian Haydon4Mazda MX5
34Neil FletcherTBA4Escort Mexico
35Brendan MooneyTBA6Mazda MX5
36Rodney McCreadyShiralee McCready4Mazda MX5
37Stuart AnnesleyStephen Jess4Mazda MX5
38Dermot CarnegieMark Fitzsimon2Ford Escort
39Alex ScottPaul Hone5Nissan Micra
40Roger GordonTBA3Toyota Yaris
41Leslie McLeanAndrew Emerson6Mazda MX5
42Matthew WalshHelen Caulfield6MG BGT
43Andy JohnsonGeorge Johnson4Austin Healey Sprite
44Marshall KennedyRodney Wills3Peugeot 106 GTI
45Jonathan McKeeIvan McKee5Nissan Micra
46Sammy MullanRicky Nesbitt6Mazda MX5
47Angus JohnsonReid Thomas6Mazda MX5
48Eric PattersonRaymond Donaldson2Mazda MX5
49Eoin LongworthPatrick O'Leary6Toyota Starlet
50Mark Thompson Kyle Thompson6Mazda MX5
51Simon WoodsideTBA2Mazda MX5
52Ian McCannJennifer McCann6Mazda MX5
53Gillian CoughlanColin Keegan5Mitsubishi Colt
54Drew WylieTBA4Mazda MX5
55Michael FaloonAiden Campbell4Mazda MX5
56Cathal O' CarrollTBA6Mazda MX5
57Gordon McCready Rory Mallon 6Toyota MR2
58Mark KingGary Campbell 5Citreon Saxo
59David McCool Aaron McCool6Mazda MX5
60Fergus MallonChris Mallon 4Mazda MX5
61Peter CrossenTBA3Hyundai Coupe
62Malcolm McQueenGrace Campbell4Mazda MX5
63Paul WilliamsonConor Kennedy4Mazda MX5
64Darwyn YoungStephen Griffiths3Ford Puma
65Robert AllinghamTBA5VW Golf
66Chris HenryGraeme Bailie4Mazda MX5
67Adam CrawfordStephen Armstrong 5Renault Megane
68David StewartColin Nichol6Mazda MX5
69Eric McIvorSuzanne McIvor6Mazda MX5
70William CrossTedi Cross6Mazda MX5

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Posts : 206
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PostSubject: Re: Rathfriland MC Targa Rally 2017   Sun Aug 06, 2017 9:06 pm

Seeded Entry List

1Christopher EvansKevin Fagan2Mazda MX5
2Eric PattersonRaymond Donaldson2Mazda MX5
3Piers MacFheoraisIan McCulloch 2Mazda MX5
4Eamonn ByrneJoanna Lenehan1Toyota Starlet
5Dermot CarnegieMark Fitzsimon2Ford Escort
6Damien MooneyTony Anderson1Citreon Saxo
7Paul MooneyLorraine McMorrow1Vauxhal Nova
8Simon WoodsideTBA2Mazda MX5
9Michael DukeClaudette Hollywood2Mazda MX5
10Trevor FergusonTBA2Mazda MX5
11Frank LenehanTim Faulkner1Toyota Starlet
12Norman FergusonChristpher Dobbin1Peugeot 106
14Steven CromieKielin Webb2Mazda MX5
15John O' ReillyNick Sparks2Mazda MX5
16Peter FaulknerWolfgang Schnittiger2Mazda MX5
18Robert WhelanJohn Whelan3Toyota Starlet
19Craig McCulloughTBA3Peugeot 205
20Rodney McCreadyShiralee McCready4Mazda MX5
21Stuart AnnesleyStephen Jess4Mazda MX5
22Neil FletcherTBA4Escort Mexico
23Chris HenryGraeme Bailie4Mazda MX5
24Kenny AndersonPeter Anderson3Renault Clio
25Robert HaslettTBA3Toyota Yaris
26Kyle AdairFrancis Adair4Mazda MX5
27Gavin CampbellRosemary Campbell4Mazda MX5
28Mark StewartChris Hobson4Mazda MX5
29Peter CaldwellJack Martin4Mazda MX5
30John NolanConor Nolan3Toyota Starlet
31David BurnsConor Murphy3Ford Fiesta
32Damien QuinnKieran Quinn4Toyota MR2
33Mark WalshLinda Dempsey4Ford Escort
34Arthur McMullanAdam McMullan4Ford Anglia
35Mark FrancisGillian Haydon4Mazda MX5
36Peter CrossenTBA3Hyundai Coupe
37Darwyn YoungStephen Griffiths3Ford Puma
38Drew WylieTBA4Mazda MX5
39Malcolm McQueenGrace Campbell4Mazda MX5
40Fergus MallonChris Mallon4Mazda MX5
41Andy JohnsonGeorge Johnson4Austin Healey Sprite
42Michael FaloonAiden Campbell4Mazda MX5
43Gilmore MageeMervyn Gregg4Mazda MX5
44Paul WilliamsonConor Kennedy4Mazda MX5
46Declan FurlongDerek Beglan5Toyota Starlet
47Alex ScottPaul Hone (Claudy)5Nissan Micra
48Donnan ClearySean Cleary6Mazda MX5
49Trevor FalloonTBA6Mazda MX5
50Jimmy McSherryRyan McSherry5Citroen C2 LOEB
51Darragh O'NeillPaddy McAlee5Ford Fiesta
52Eoin LongworthPatrick O'Leary6Toyota Starlet
53Brendan MooneyTBA6Mazda MX5
54Leslie McLeanAndrew Emerson6Mazda MX5
55Matthew WalshHelen Caulfield6MG BGT
56Angus JohnsonReid Thomas6Mazda MX5
57Jonathan McKeeIvan McKee5Nissan Micra
58Gillian CoughlanColin Keegan5Mitsubishi Colt
59Mark KingGary Campbell5Citroen Saxo
60Mark ThompsonKyle Thompson6Mazda MX5
61Ian McCannJennifer McCann6Mazda MX5
62Cathal O' CarrollTBA6Mazda MX5
63Robert AllinghamTBA5VW Golf
64Adam CrawfordStephen Armstrong5Renault Megane
65Gordon McCreadyRory Mallon6Toyota MR2
66David McCool Aaron McCool6Mazda MX5
67David StewartColin Nichol6Mazda MX5
68Eric McIvorSuzanne McIvor6Mazda MX5
69William CrossTedi Cross6Mazda MX5
70Sammy MullanRicky Nesbitt6Mazda MX5
71David LilburnTBA6Mazda MX5
72Bernard O'NeillAlan Bolton6BMW Compact

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Posts : 206
Join date : 2015-12-29
Location : Behind the scenes

PostSubject: Re: Rathfriland MC Targa Rally 2017   Sun Aug 06, 2017 10:28 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Rathfriland MC Targa Rally 2017   

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Rathfriland MC Targa Rally 2017
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