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 Birr Multivenue results

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Birr Multivenue results Empty
PostSubject: Birr Multivenue results   Birr Multivenue results Icon_minitimeSun Jul 22, 2018 6:08 pm

1. Richard Meeke Toyota Starlet 1045.35
2. Piers MacFheorais Mazda MX5 1080.90
3. David Meeke Toyota Starlet 1108.77
4. John McAssey Toyota Starlet 1109.13
5. John Nolan Toyota Starlet 1113.59
6. Frank Lenehan Toyota Starlet 1120.73
7. Philip O'Reilly Toyota Starlet 1127.16
8. Rob Lewis Toyota Starlet 1128.23
9. Stephen Briggs Mazda MX5 1128.37
10. James Mansfield Mazda MX5 1159.25

Class winners
Cl1. Patrick O'Leary Toyota Starlet 1232.37
Cl2. David Meeke
Cl3. Piers MacFheorais

Full results: http://www.tdcireland.com/phpBB2/Results/Birr_Autotest/2018/MVAT_2018_MVAT_Results.xlsx

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Birr Multivenue results
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